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Boring I know but......

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childrenknowyourlimits Fri 25-Mar-11 13:18:23

Can anyone advise me on Kindle v I-pad? I am a complete techno-phobe (I have a child's mobile phone that you can just call & text on!) & would like a kindle or I-pad for my birthday. DH says he doesn't mind difference in cost (aren't I lucky!) but just wondered what most people have & what they think of them.

I will be moving to Nigeria soon so will be v handy not to have to bring a ton of books with me!

Over to you! smile

maverick Fri 25-Mar-11 15:42:01

Depends what you want to spend your time doing -reading? then buy a Kindle as nothing can beat it (and it's very easy to load up with books, v. easy to read text on the screen, only needs re-charging every 3-4 weeks) but if you want to do lots of googling, emails, playing online games, looking at maps and colour photos online etc. get the i-pad (it's more of a communication tool, with all the complications that having a full computer brings, plus useless for reading lots of text because of the backscreen...)


childrenknowyourlimits Fri 25-Mar-11 18:13:47

Thank you. Yes that is helpful. I think it would be mostly for reading so probably the kindle would be the best bet. I am sure if had all the other bits I would be tempted to use it all the time and then not get any reading done!

AliciaFlorrick Sat 26-Mar-11 18:59:20

DH and I had this very discussion today, I have a Kindle he has an Ipad. I love reading so my Kindle is the thing, he likes his games, surfing, watching films etc so he enjoys his Ipad, BUT today we were out in the garden in the sunshine I was reading a book on my Kindle and he had his Ipad, he couldn't see a thing on the screen because of the glare of the sun and had to take the Ipad indoors whereas I continued reading in the sunshine.

So for me Kindle wins every time, but it really does depend on what you want.

betterwhenthesunshines Thu 26-May-11 15:41:02

Kindle - cheaper, much lighter, thinner, easier to hold, no back light so no eye strain and can read in the sun, battery lasts for ever a long time

iPad - exact opposite of all of above, but can play games so good for kids on long journeys

I have kindle DH has iPad as the most expensive way to read the newspaper grin

Janaina Sat 04-Jun-11 19:24:25

Hey children, I will also be moving to Nigeria soon! Perhaps we could meet? I live in South Africa at the moment.
Reg your question, I actually have both smile, but I do prefer kindle to read. It just annoys me that the IPad screen is so 'sensitive'! So much better to be able to touch the kindle's screen without it changing pages or doing anything weird.
Good luck with your move. I love reading and also thought that the kindle will be the solution - after all I don't think Amazon delivers in Lagos!

chippy47 Sat 04-Jun-11 19:37:02

You may want to check the availability of the Apple store and kindle store in Nigeria. Some countries are not connected yet( but if you have a UK credit card you may be ok).

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