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no reply to maternity leave letter from employer

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Hpbp Wed 02-May-12 13:31:50

Hello every one,
I emailed on 21st March my superior about my maternity leave advising that I planned to start ML on 23rd July, baby being due on 27th July. He has not replied yet. Can I consider that he is fine with the timing ? There is no HR dept.
What are the implications of him not responding ?
Thank you

SimplySoo Wed 02-May-12 13:38:40

Did you make it clear you expected a reply? Can you speak to him about it?

flowery Wed 02-May-12 14:24:19

Have you not seen or spoken to your supervisor in that time? Your employer is supposed to respond confirming your dates and should also confirm what maternity pay if any you are entitled to.

if there's no HR he may not know he's supposed to do this, but why just consider that he's fine with the timing (not that he gets any say in the matter anyway - it's entirely up to you!), why not ask?! Say you emailed on x date about your maternity leave dates, but haven't had a reply, can he just confirm he had the email and respond confirming the dates.

IHeartOldYork Wed 02-May-12 14:27:38

I would chase it up with him unitl you get a response. You want to make sure all your maternity pay will be sorted.

Good luck.

Hpbp Wed 02-May-12 14:29:52

I have asked him to let me know that he was fine with me starting ML on 23 July.
Other things have occured since : I was told a week later that my position might be relocated in Eastern Europe... so I will be made redundant. Nothing formal yet. We are not in very good terms at the moment because of that so
I don't really want to speak to him about it. If he is not following the process, I don't want to remind him what he should do or not do. AIBU ?

flowery Wed 02-May-12 15:39:20

Why would you not want to remind him? Not sure what that would achieve?

flowery Wed 02-May-12 15:41:12

Sorry, that's not clear, what I mean is I'm not sure what not reminding him will achieve. Surely the outcome you want is written confirmation of your maternity dates, and surely the best way to achieve that is to speak to him and chase it up?

twinklytoes Thu 03-May-12 06:32:12

have you submitted your MATB1 yet? this needs to be done asap otherwise whoever achieves the payroll is not going to pay SMP correctly. There's also a specific date by which you need to do this. I have an employee with exactly the same dates as you and we dealt with the matb1 two weeks ago and confirmed all maternity dates and how annual leave was going to be used beforehand and what was being kept for the end.

Hpbp Thu 03-May-12 09:01:06

Yes I have submitted my Mat B1 at the same time as my email 21st March.
I have talked to my boss and he replied that because of the redundancy there is no need for him to reply !? shock I am confused. The redundancy is only a plan at the time being, he has not formally advised me about it, therefore as far as I am concerned it should not get in the way of how to deal with maternity leave, should it ?

flowery Thu 03-May-12 09:41:44

When might the possible relocation take place?

Hpbp Thu 03-May-12 10:06:08

the relocation will take place as soon as they find a suitable person in Eastern Europe to deal with my responsibilities remotely (I am the Finance Manager)

KatieMiddleton Thu 03-May-12 13:36:12

I remember your other thread. Get it all in writing, then go and see an employment lawyer.

Hpbp Thu 03-May-12 14:06:18

Thank you Katie, I have started the process but I have to wait for a formal notice according to my solicitor. Was wondering if other mums have experienced this and which steps they have taken so that I can discuss all options with the solicitor

CheshireDing Fri 04-May-12 05:31:09

Nobody ever responded to my letter either. They had it at least 4 months before and just kept saying they would "check my calculations and reply". They never did, am on ML now and they do pay me correctly, although I am pretty sure they also hope I don't come back.

Sorry not very helpful but I just figured they had to pay me so sod them replying if they were going to be silly.

tootssweet Fri 04-May-12 08:07:26

I got made redundant whilst about to go on maternity leave last year. If you are working for the company at 28(26?) weeks then they have to honour your maternity pay - so check your dates & contract. I got my full mat pay & redundancy money I'm also in a lovely albeit temporary new job. Good luck it's a stress you can be doing without!

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