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CRB Checks

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mummyyoyo Wed 10-Aug-05 12:10:52

Can anyone tell me what is involved in a police check for new employment? My friend has to get one done and is worried about what will show up. Over 6 years ago, he was charged with something he never did but was never convicted as the case was dropped by the CPS due to lack of evidence. No-one he works with knows about this and he is know worried about it all coming out.

sis Wed 10-Aug-05 12:13:26

No it won't give info on that. For most disclosures, it is only 'live' (ie unspent) convictions and only for some jobs (those involving working with very vulnerable groups) are they allowed to give more info.

spacecadet Wed 10-Aug-05 12:15:08

hi, i was chairperson of our pre-school committee until i had dd and had to do loads of crb checks for staff, depending on the type of work, he will either have a crb disclosure or an enhanced disclosure, he will need to fill in a form and on the form it will ask if he has ever been convicted or charged with a crime, after his employer verifies his id, it will go off to crb, if he was charged but charges dropped, ut may bnot show, depending on whether it was kept on record, if it does show it will be at employers discretion to decide whether or not they employ him, based on the info they recieve,

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