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What legal rights

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Klara Tue 09-Aug-05 09:19:46

if your boss promised to pay you a bonus of xx next year, and give you a pay rise before the end of the year (verballY only), after you being told that you are a "key member of the team" in an interim assesment, and you know that only 3 other people have been told that - of a total of 25.

IF.....they failed to deliver on their promises, and in the intervening period you have told them you are pg - would you have any come back?

??? ANy Lawyers out there?


Twiglett Tue 09-Aug-05 09:20:47

no ... his word against yours I'm afraid

Easy Tue 09-Aug-05 09:25:34

Moral to this story.

Always, Always get promises of bonuses etc confirmed in writing at the time they are made.

kid Tue 09-Aug-05 09:27:31

I agree you should have asked them to follow up the promise by putting it in writing.

I don't think there is anything you can do now, unless anyone heard your boss?

Klara Tue 09-Aug-05 09:40:38

yes - I pushed very hard to get it in writing, but in investment banking they are not keen to put these things in writing and there is no way that he will put it on paper as we are talking about very large sum of money. All i can say is that the conversation did take place on a recorded line.

I know the last time I was pg my bonus was 20% lower than it should have been and am not keen that this is repeated.

Its a very tough one

LeahE Tue 09-Aug-05 11:33:29

If it was on a recorded line you might have a case but you'd need to talk to a specialist solicitor.

Klara Tue 09-Aug-05 13:40:21

ah well - hopefully it won't come to that.

thanks for the advice all....

rickshaw Sat 13-Aug-05 19:45:54

I would try to get access to that recording sooner rather than later (I think they are usually recorded over after a period of time.) You could just ask for it initially, if you don't want to appear confrontational. If you need to insist, you should be legally entitled to a copy (or at least confirmation of what it contains) if you issue a "data subject access request" (check out the information commissioners website) or a sex discrimination questionnaire (checkout the eoc website). But if you are going to complain, you need to act quickly - you have just 3 months to bring a case of pregnancy discrimination.

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