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Ex boss has now made 2 others redundant

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jampots Thu 04-Aug-05 11:37:42

but this time selected a "pool" of 5. He has selected Reena and another lady who I dont know for redundancy on the basis that they were last in first out. This isnt the criteria he used with me (he didnt actually use one). In any event Reena isnt one of the last two in, his right hand man is who is just another lawyer albeit qualified like one of the others in the selection pool. So, much as I dislike Reena, I dislike Ian (boss) more. How best now to help Reena make him squirm once more? Incidentally his best friend and sister in law (both least qualified) were in the pool too but escaped on the basis that they werent "last in"

Easy Thu 04-Aug-05 11:43:18

eh ?

jampots Thu 04-Aug-05 11:47:53

I worked for Ian - he made me redundant.

Reena and Dawn also work for Ian but he has just told them they are to be made redudnant because they were the last ones in so first ones out.

In reality last ones in are in order:

Dawn - 3 months
Lee - 9 months
Reena - 21 months

so his criteria isnt accurate again.

acnebride Thu 04-Aug-05 11:51:52

Reena should consult an employment lawyer!

Are all law firms appalling at employee relations? My sister was treated really really badly by several law employers.

bossykate Thu 04-Aug-05 12:11:45

actually, i don't think you are allowed to make people redundant on a last in first out basis - it needs to be on the basis that their job doesn't exist any more - but your ex colleague should get expert legal advice.

sis Thu 04-Aug-05 12:18:23

Reena may have a case against your ex-employer for unfair selection/dismissal (making a rash assumption here - throw in race discrimination?)but there may be a defence from the employer.

Is everyone in the selection pool doing the same job? Presumeably, only some jobs are potentially redundant and it may be that Reena and Dawn were the last ones to join the company who are doing jobs that are potentially redundant.

Blackduck Thu 04-Aug-05 12:22:15

Could also play the gender card - he claims his selection criteria is last in, first out, you have shown thats not the case....BUT the two that are going are female, and the male who should go based on his criteria isn't.

jampots Thu 04-Aug-05 14:00:44

he maintains that although lee is a fee earner he has managerial duties too. He also stated that he was made a partner (qualified in 03 - does there have to be a set amount of time before being made partner)although this was changed because TAG are suing the firm, so not currently a partner.

Dont think she can use the race card because one of hte others in the pool is also Indian and she survived. Plus another Indian girl is exempt from selection as she is on a training contract.

Ive just spoken with Reena and she is well p*ed off. Although she is a fee earner she is also the one who took over my job back in January when I was made redundnant. His sister escaped the pool because she is administrative

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