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Advice for dhs new job please

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anchovies Wed 03-Aug-05 21:16:29

This is a long one sorry!

My dh was made redundant a couple of months ago. He has only had 2 interviews in this time, health and safety jobs seem hard to come by. He got the second job and despite the job being advertised on 20-22k they offered him the job at 18k. This is a significant pay cut from his last salary.

He started today in his new role as health, safety and quality administrator. He found out while he was there that the guy whose job he is doing once he leaves at the end of the month, has a manager title and is being paid 10k more with a company car (very flash), all petrol, laptop, mobile, home internet connection etc etc. It was made completely clear today that dh is expected to do exactly the same duties under the administrator title and also with extra HR stuff to follow. He is understandably not too impressed and is unsure of what to do next, he is sure he was only offered 18k cos they knew he was desperate. If he signs a contract then he is working to a months notice plus it will be hard to find time for interviews. I am reluctant to offer him advice as I don't want it to backfire. Does he say something about the salary versus duties issue or just be grateful he's found anything at all? I know he feels he is worth more.

Any thoughts on what we should do very welcome!

tillykins Wed 03-Aug-05 21:30:51

Stay put and keep quiet - for now. He has the job, in 3 - 6 months when he has established himself and they don't want to lose him or go thru the hassle of recruiting, then he is in a better bargaining position.

He can still go to other interviews - use annual leave days!

Good luck

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