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BREAK ENTITLEMENTS-ANYONE KNOW.........................

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hamster Wed 03-Aug-05 09:07:06

A friend of mine is having a few problems with his boss, no-one is quite sure who is right and who is wrong though.

He has been employed by the same small business for approx 2 years.
He works 5am until 3.30-4pm Monday to Friday, (10.5-11 hours daily)
Currently gets breaks; ciggie @ 7am(5mins), ciggie @10am(5mins), and Lunch(15-20 mins) @ 2pm.

I told him I'd look into it for him, but all I can find is "at 6 hours and over you are entitled to 20 minutes break"

Anyone know for sure?

Windermere Wed 03-Aug-05 09:25:01

Yeah you are right. Therefore he is receving the right amount of breaks although it might not seem a lot.

hamster Wed 03-Aug-05 09:27:01

I know, it seems so little for such a long day.
It must be frustrating for him, as so many bigger companies give hour long lunches, plus breaks on top.

It all confuses me!

throckenholt Wed 03-Aug-05 09:27:13

ask the CAB - they should be able to find out for you.

I think there is a rule that 2 hours sitting at a desk should have 10 minutes away from the desk. Not sure that helps much though !

sis Wed 03-Aug-05 11:20:57

Hamster the 20 minutes for every six hours is the law. I am not a health and safety expert but there is a posiibility of arguing that he cannot do his job 'safely' without more/longer breaks.

jamboure Thu 04-Aug-05 20:39:52

law states that if you work 4 hours you are entitled to a 15 min PAID break

I work at the moment mon-fri 7.30-3.30 i get a 15 min paid break around 9.30 30 mins unpaid lunch break around 11.30 and another paid 15 around 1.30

Deffo see cab they will advise his break entitlement

JulieF Fri 05-Aug-05 23:01:01

Are you sure its a paid break jamboure, if so can you refer me to the relevant legistlation as I was certain it was unpaid.

jamboure Sat 06-Aug-05 18:33:59

15 mins paid deffo, we were given the employee law legislation during our induction, which states the company must comply

tiffini Sat 06-Aug-05 18:46:01

I agree with jamboure, I used to be a head of department, and those were the rules on breaks, as trained by Human Resources.

Janh Sat 06-Aug-05 18:47:54

At Sainsburys, if you work:

4 hours you get no break
4½ to 6 (I think) you get 15 or 20 mins (paid)
6 to 7 (again I think) you get 30 mins (paid), plus 1 15 min tea break (also paid)
8 hours plus you get 1 hour unpaid plus 2 15 min tea breaks (ie only 7 hours pay, same as a 7 hour shift)

If I have that right then 7 hours would be a dream shift, wouldn't it! (I don't think they exist though - lots of people do 4 hours, 6 hours or 8-9 hours)

hamster, your friend's hours sound crap - I had assumed Sainsburys were standard but perhaps they're more generous than I realised?

spacecadet Sat 06-Aug-05 19:42:30

blimey where i worked before having dd2, if i worked a late shift 2-9pm, i only got 20 mins unpaid break and if a long day, 2 lots of 20 mins if lucky, both unpaid, a night shift, 9-8am would only allow 1 hour unpaid break, bearing oin mind that i quite often worked these shifts with no break at all.but the hospital policy stated that all breaks were unpaid,

JulieF Sat 06-Aug-05 20:40:14

I've just checked the relevant legislation on both the DTI and ACAS website. There is an entitlement to a 20 minute rest break if you work 6 hours or more but it does not have to be paid unless your employment contract states that rest breaks are paid.

I thought that was the case as anywhere I have ever woked lunch breaks have been unpaid.

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