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Pay cheque

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vwvic Sat 30-Jul-05 10:46:43

Dh get paid monthly in arreas, on the 1st of each month. This is usually in the form of a cheque, which is given to him as he leaves work.

Obviously, the bank has closed by then, so often we don't have access to the money until the 4th/5th of the month when the cheque has cleared.

Someone suggested to us that it is illegal if we are prevented from having access to the money on your paydate, ie the cheque has not cleared. Does anyone know if this is that case? It often causes us lots of problems.

DH has asked his employer to pay the money dierectly into our account, but he refuses to do so with any regularity.

SoupDragon Sat 30-Jul-05 10:50:42

When I was working, the company used to pay our salaries early if payday fell on a Sat/Sun/Mon or bankholiday to ensure that it was in accounts on payday.

megandsoph Sat 30-Jul-05 11:07:33

i get payed by check also recive it through the post, recive it sometime during first week of the month then have to wait for the thing to clear this month have to wait until the nineth before its cleared. Am now looking for a new job as dircet debits keep getting mucked up and not payed on time

megandsoph Sat 30-Jul-05 11:08:26

check = cheque lol

vwvic Sat 30-Jul-05 12:41:10

Megandsoph, that's exactly the problem were having, so were looking for another job too. Anyone want an excellent, very talented CAD technician/designer?

I think part of the problem is that Dh's company is very small- just him and his boss. It's not easy to get stuff to change.

megandsoph Sat 30-Jul-05 12:55:16

the company I work for is one of the biggest photography companys in the world and they won't bug their bums but the difference with me and your dh is I work for them on a self employed basis but still don't understand why they can't do bacs payments.

with your DH being employed I think that really is disgracful have u thought about ringing acas and see what they say??

JulieF Sat 30-Jul-05 23:25:13

Never heard of it being illegal. We pay our staff on the first of each month but as they only work Saturdays they usually get their cheques then.

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