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dont know how I feel about this.

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horseshoe Fri 29-Jul-05 11:14:03

As some of you may know.....for the past 6 months I have been having problems with other members at work ....mainly bosses and politics etc and I have had various meetings about one person in particular who has a nasty habit of picking people out but at the moment it's my turn...She is good at her job and they have so far moved several people off of the project because to loose her would be terrible. Anyway I have been signed off by my doctor for the last 2 and a half weeks cause I am 15 weeks pg and have been bleeding heavily. I'm still bleeding but have decided to return to work and came back yesterday. Some people still have not bothered to speak to me and others showed concern. Anyway manager all my work was reassigned whilst I was away and I have come back to be told that I am going on another project for 3 months as of monday and to clear my desk......NO PROBLEM there (get away from it all). But then manager said that If i wanted to go part-time I could as they didn't want me making myself ill and taking another 2 weeks off. They would rather I stayed healthy. I turned down the part-time because I need the money over the next few months and if I get ill then tough.

I feel like i'm being pushed out but at the same time welcome the change. However with a project ending in three months....nearly in time to go on maternity I am worried that I will have no job to come back to.

Part of me feels like I am taking it all too personally but I have seen this happen to so many people in the past.

runtus Fri 29-Jul-05 13:57:42

I would suggest you make an appointment for a meeting with your manager and HR (if you have such a thing, if not, another higher manager) and explain your concerns for your job security. Illustrate to them you are commited to the job, team and company and ask them to illustrate that your concerns are ungrounded.

That way, they have no grounds for ever saying you didn't want to come back or that the role was redundant without offering you something else instead. Whether you take that other project at that up to you

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