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Work isn't working out!

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AfricoAngel Wed 27-Jul-05 09:48:10

I started a new job 2 monday's back in a small independent key cutting/shoe repair shop in my village. I didn't have an interview as such, just went into the shop and asked about the job advertised in window and we chatted a while and he asked if I could start monday. So I started 2 monday's back. My first day was fine, except I got told I would only get paid 4.00 per hour and he won't pay my nat insurance or tax, which means I cannot claim income-based job seekers allowance, because obviously it's illegal for him not to be sorting my nat insurance and tax. For the 10 hrs per week I work, I get 40.00, 10 pound of which goes on bus fare, 10 pound I have to pay for part time study and so I am left with 20.00!!!

I really dont know whether to get another full time job that I will really enjoy and be worthwhile. Also the shop is small so only the owner works there, including me 2 days a week. A few things he said bothered me. First I dusted the shelves the other day and took all the products off, then put them back on, really neatly. When I went in on Monday he said he could've killed me when he saw they weren't in their usual order! Also on Monday I got a 20.00 note from a customer and put it in the same place in the till as the 10.00 notes because there were bits of paper in the bit the 20.00 would go in, but he said to me in an off tone that it was 'common sense' really that the 10.00 notes go there and there 20.00's go there.

MrsDoolittle Wed 27-Jul-05 09:50:03

Chuck it! What an ar*sehole!!

Tetley Wed 27-Jul-05 09:52:34

It really doesn't sound worth it. He's just trying to get away with paying a pittance (and illegally), as well as being nasty to you. Try to find something that you enjoy & that will pay you at least the minimum wage - you're worth more than this!

basketcase Wed 27-Jul-05 09:53:50

I agree - amd report him for paying you under the minimum wage. He sounds really dodgy and clearly taking the financial pi$$. If he is doing it to you, will do it to the next person who walks in asking for a job. Problem is that while people are prepared to take jobs under the national pay rate, people can get away with offering them. Let alone the NI and Tax. Shop him for the sake of the next employees and get yourself a decent job that you can feel good about

AfricoAngel Wed 27-Jul-05 09:55:10

and he even asked me if I like asian ppl the other day. I said, yes, one of my best friends is asian, and he said 'I only like the british p**i's, and even them, u can't see in the dark, and they rip you off and always trying to make money from you' I was gobsmacked at his sheer ignorance....

and then (without knowing my dp is Nigerian) he said 'them Nigerians, always coming in trying to bargain the prices, the bloody darkies'....shoulda seen his face when I told him my main social circle consists of Nigerian friends and my dp is too!

Tetley Wed 27-Jul-05 10:18:15

Life is definately too short for you to have to listen to that kind of cr*p all day (& he doesn't sound like the sort of person who'd change his opinions if you tried to talk to him about it). Get looking for other jobs - & report him, as Basketcase said.

saadia Wed 27-Jul-05 11:12:16

I would get out, doesn't seem that worth it financially, your initiative isn't being valued and the guy sounds creepy.

mancmum Wed 27-Jul-05 11:24:14


You are working for £2 an hour -- and for a racist dodgy guy -- why do it?

AfricoAngel Wed 27-Jul-05 12:11:30

Hi Mancmum...where in mcr are ya?

AfricoAngel Wed 27-Jul-05 12:12:20

I have just had a look on jobcebtre website. Have found 1 suitable job with immediate start so have emailed them to see if still available and if it is, gonna go for it.

anchovies Wed 27-Jul-05 12:30:43

Good for you, I'd defo get out of there. What he's doing is illegal, he's probably just saving himself money by not paying employers NICs.

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