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Would you turn down a great job because it might mean having to travel?

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dejags Tue 19-Jul-05 18:28:40

I am looking for a new job at the moment. Today I went for an interview with a company I really like, everything was going great until the interviewer asked if I would be prepared to travel extensively?

When I asked exactly what she meant, she said that there was a possibility that I might need to go away for long periods. This is not written in stone and may or may not be necessary.

I don't know whether to proceed with my application, as I most definitely do not want to travel for long periods of time. On the other hand I don't want to pass up a great job because of something which may or may not happen.

What do you wise Mnetters think?

dejags Tue 19-Jul-05 18:45:24


Twiglett Tue 19-Jul-05 18:47:06

I would make it clear that I would not be willing to travel extensively at interview stage .. if you said it wouldn't be a problem then I think you are misleading the company which will not stand you in good stead.

if you tell the truth though it is up to them whether they offer you the job

Caribbeanqueen Tue 19-Jul-05 18:49:07

I left my job because I had to travel a lot. Didn't want to do it any more - I loved it before dd but it had no appeal any more after I had har.

dejags Tue 19-Jul-05 18:50:21

Thanks Twiglett. You are right and now I am in a pickle. I said I could travel as I have a good support system but that I wouldn't like to be away for long periods of time, that's honest as I don't mind being away for a night or two. I think she took it that I could manage the travel if absolutely pushed, which is wrong and I didn't have the guts to set her straight.

Not sure if I should go back to them and reiterate this, or if I should leave it and see what happens. Could kick myself now

foxinsocks Tue 19-Jul-05 18:54:44

In my last job I had to travel and it was an absolute nightmare. I would say you have to have the following in place (if travel was a regular thing)

- an understanding dh who preferably doesn't travel for his job (mine did and this was a diary nightmare!)
- a very good nanny who can completely take charge and if you both travel, you will have to seriously consider having someone who lives in (otherwise it becomes a real logistic headache)

I'm thinking about going back to work by the end of this year and travel has always been an important part of my job. However, I am absolutely certain that I would not and could not take another job where I travelled because it was so much hassle last time. Sorry if it's not what you want to hear. It can be done but it does require superior organisational skills!

LadyLucan Tue 19-Jul-05 18:56:23

Think carefully before taking this one, dejags. I had a great job - 3 days a week, working for a big IT company. But they manetioned at the interview there was some travel. I ignored it when I was deciding. Think the part time thing clouded my judgement. I lasted 10 months and began to get a phobia of flying. I think it was the thought of leaving my dd & ds motherless in some awful plane crash!! A bit morbid I know !
The thought of the travel was exciting. The reality different.

Twiglett Tue 19-Jul-05 18:56:28

No I think you answered perfectly .. if that is how you feel about it

wait until you are offered the job, and check contract fully before signing .. at this stage you can reiterate your feelings about potential travel requirements

Whizzz Tue 19-Jul-05 18:57:15

Personally, I wouldn't but then thats just me. I never liked that sort of thing even without kids.

If you get a 2nd interview (or offer) I would definately go to ask more questions about the travel bit "Possibility" is a bit vague & how long is a "Long period" so that you really have a clear idea of what it entails

dejags Tue 19-Jul-05 18:57:18

thanks all. The thing is, is that I can't tell if this is something they brought up because it may or may not happen and they want to cover their bases or if it is definite. The nature of what I do (Project Manager) doesn't often mean travelling for extended periods of time, a day visit is often all that's needed.

why is nothing ever simple... sigh.

Twiglett Tue 19-Jul-05 18:58:12

but where would the fun be in that dejags?

Lonelymum Tue 19-Jul-05 18:58:44

You have nothing to lose if you make it plain that you are not willing to travel. If the job depends on your willingness, than you won't be offered the job, but then you wouldn't want it then anyway. If the job is workable without the travel, then they will appreciate your honesty.

dejags Tue 19-Jul-05 18:59:34

Thanks Whizz, that's what I'll do. If I am offered the job I'll ask for a definite commitment from them regarding travel. Probably piss them off a tad but I don't want to go into this and end up leaving in 6 months time because I can't stand being away all the time.

dejags Tue 19-Jul-05 19:00:31

no fun in looking for a job Twiglett . Why cant I win the lotto???

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