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pregnant and want GP to sign me off sick?

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goldenoldie Mon 18-Jul-05 16:14:14

Anyone had any experience getting a sick certificate when pregnant? Can I just go to my GP and ask them to sign me off from work for 10 weeks?

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins and finding it hard going. Don't think I can do rush hour for much longer, and even when I get to work I'm too tired/swollen/breathless to get much focused work done anyway.

My materity leave won't start for another 10 weeks yet. Work know I am struggling, and are happy for me to go on leave for the next 10 weeks, but if I don't get a sick certificate they won't pay me.

Can I just go to my GP and ask them to sign me off from work for 10 weeks? Is pregnancy considered a good enough reason to get a sick certificate?

SoupDragon Mon 18-Jul-05 16:17:48

Isn't there some rule that your maternity leave kicks in early if you are off sick with a "pregnancy related illness" once you're X weeks through the pregnancy?

sweetheart Mon 18-Jul-05 16:21:19


Sorry to hear your finding it hard going. Hopefully this site may help

Toothache Mon 18-Jul-05 16:26:03

Soupy is right. I think it's after 29 wks. HTH.

Toothache Mon 18-Jul-05 16:28:58

When I got to 24 wks I asked to work closer to home as I had to carry a laptop and had had problems with my BP.

Your work has an obligation to make alternative arrangements that are safe for you and baby...... if they can't then they have to suspend you on full pay until Mat Leave kicks in at 29 wks.

What work do you do? Could you work from home? Does your employer have an office closer to your house?

Gomez Mon 18-Jul-05 16:31:58

You can be off-sick now until 36 weeks before you can be 'forced' to start your mat leave.

But to answer your question yes you can really just ask your GP to sign you off but would need a reason rather than 'pg' - odmema, exhaustion, headaches are all good enough reasons. Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon.

goldenoldie Mon 18-Jul-05 16:38:50

I'm still 9 weeks away from 29 weeks, so work can't put me on Maternity leave till then. If I take leave, they can't pay me unless I have a certificate.

Work have been great, but they can't do anymore, working at home or nearer to home is not an option for me. To do my work I need to be in the office at my desk.

It's not the work that is difficult/dangerous, it's just that I am so tired/feel unwell/swollen/back-ache and huge and pregnant!

Just want to know if anyone has successfully got a certificate out of their GP for this length of time before?

lucykatie Wed 20-Jul-05 14:13:24

hi, i had a sick note from 12 weeks of my pregnancy, so yeah it can be done, however she did give it to me, but my blood pressure was sky high so she had to really....but if your not up to it and feeling rough i would mention this to your gp, they should give you the sick note you need as they are treading on very fine water so will not take risks mention that you are ill.

oops Wed 20-Jul-05 14:22:36

Message withdrawn

feelingold Wed 20-Jul-05 14:23:26

I got a certificate from 24 weeks with my first pregnancy cos I had sciatica and could not move without being in severe pain, however I did have to go to my gp every 2 weeks to renew my certificate until I was able to start my maternity leave.

geogteach Wed 20-Jul-05 14:46:07

I had one for aneamia from about 26 weeks but had to renew each week. I think it said something like pregnency related illness.

goldenoldie Wed 20-Jul-05 15:15:24

Saw registra at hospital today for routine anti-natal. Very sympathetic but said hospital could not write certificates and that I have to see GP for this.

Will see GP on Friday - will let you know how I get on.

goldenoldie Thu 21-Jul-05 21:02:04

GP very supportive - got signed off for six weeks.

Thanks for all the advice.

starshaker Fri 22-Jul-05 21:00:24

yeah if u are unable to do ur job then u can get a cert. i was off from week 6 all the way to week 35 and got sick pay i had bad morning sickness all through pg and worked in a bar so couldnt do my job

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