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Family Work Relationship

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dermotolearyswifetobe Fri 15-Jul-05 22:53:43

I work for my sister and find it hard going at times. She is the boss and I am her employee. It was our family business and she took over after my father left. Does anyone else have this sort of working relationship and do they find it hard.

Skribble Sat 16-Jul-05 01:06:28

My husband is my manager and I find it very hard when I don't agree with him or see an injustice at work.
I have different priorities and when he is at home (rarely) he takes calls and text all night. I just want to grab the phone and shout FFS its 10:30pm on Sunday. It doesn't help that I know a lot of the callers. Plus the other managers at his level have a reputation for affairs at work and its a standing joke that to get promoted you have to sleep with a manager . So when giggly little females start fawning over him I don't react well.

Sorry rant over.

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