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I've just handed in my notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!

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Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 09:43:44

cue song:

What a feelin,
Feelin's belieeeeeeeeevin...

northerner Thu 14-Jul-05 09:44:47


Have you got a new job?

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 09:48:38


I started a thread 10 days ago about how my company had lost out on a big contract on the site local to me. So I was going to have to commute every day to Head Office.... totally unrealistic financially.

Anyway... here I am! Start my new job on the 8th August!

fishfinger Thu 14-Jul-05 09:49:13

well done
thats ds1 s birthday
think of me and 6 7 eyar olds

northerner Thu 14-Jul-05 09:50:26

God for you. What's your new job?

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 09:50:52

Haahaa Fishy....
I'd rather be on my 1st day at new job!

I'm totally bricking it though!!!!

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 09:52:09

Northener - Same as I do now, A Planning Engineer. But it's doubling my salary.... and it gets me away from my Dad (My Project Manager at the moment!!!!!).

[even happier than a grin emoticon]

oliveoil Thu 14-Jul-05 09:54:27

Fantastic Toothy. Can you put some prawns hidden in the office before you go?

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 10:10:03

I've got to watch what I'm donig coz my Dad still has to work for them.

Puff Thu 14-Jul-05 10:11:19

Hey, didn't realise you've also managed to double your salary - bloomin brilliant !

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 10:12:39

I don't quite believe it myself..... I'm waiting for the bubble to burst!

dinosaur Thu 14-Jul-05 10:18:33

That is fantastic Toothache!! Very well done you!

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 11:09:27

Right... NOONE has contacted me.

The Personnel Manager read the email 1 hour 15 mins ago (I put a 'read receipt' on the email).

You'd think they would at least acknowledge that they have recieved and accepted it!!!

Sax Thu 14-Jul-05 11:38:12

Toothache - does your dad realise yet? I am presuming he's gonna be OK about this?????

Well done you, you've done fantastically - am I allowed to try and uncross my legs from behind my neck now, I need a pee!!!!???

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 11:40:10

Oh yeah my Dad knows... he's just seething that I'm going to be earning more than him! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA!

Yes, please uncross your body parts! I don't want to be responsible for you being in traction for 6mths!

piffle Thu 14-Jul-05 11:50:39

Congratulations Toothache, you go girl. Glad to hear there are more ups than downs for you these days

Toothache Thu 14-Jul-05 12:07:24

Thanks Piffle - It's been great to post some good news for a change! Stay tuned though...

Toothache Fri 15-Jul-05 08:17:44

Well.... Nobody seems to have even noticed that I'm leaving!! Should I be or or that I'm getting no hassel??! Or was I so unimportant in my job that they just couldn't give a stuff??

One of the Senior Project Managers here took my letter to Head Office last night. He stood as the Head of Personnel opened the letter, glanced at it, then put it on a pile of paperwork.

>officially huffed<

bobbybob Fri 15-Jul-05 08:56:15

Toothache, they are pretending to not be bothered. It is all an act. Do they know you have another job?

Toothache Fri 15-Jul-05 09:21:01

Yeah, my Resignation letter said:

Please take this letter as notice of my resignation.

Although I have enjoyed my time working with Balfour Kilpatrick I have been offered a wonderful position within the Planning Department of an organisation called National Australia Group, the parent company of Clydesdale Bank Plc. The offer really was too good to turn down.

My start date will be Monday 8 August 2005. I hope this will not cause any problems. I will contact Personnel in due course with regards to returning my laptop.

I would like to wish the company all the best for the future.

Yours Sincerely,

(Obviously I just signed my name here though... )

bobbybob Fri 15-Jul-05 21:01:44

That's it then, they know they can't keep you and so are acting like kids in the playgroun being deliberately "we're not bothered".

biglips Fri 15-Jul-05 21:29:19

i bet youre feeling fab!!!!!

biglips Fri 15-Jul-05 21:29:34

well done anyway X

sis Fri 15-Jul-05 21:39:00

huge congratulations! I'm pleased the dad as project manager situation is going to be resolved too!

Toothache Sat 16-Jul-05 20:58:12

Thanks everyone! I am feeling great.... the gin is obviously helping with that.

Still absolutely NO contact from HO. But I've got to in there on Monday. The usual practice when somebody hands in there notice is that they are denied all access to any of the systems and are escorted from the building to be sent to some God forsaken remote siter portacabin to sit in a room!!! I kid you not! But I'm not going to a competitor so surely they can't think I'm a risk to their security???? Weirdos that they are.

The Quantity Surveyor that was working on the job with me at BP Grangemouth got a job with our client who we are taking to court!!!! He dealt with our claim to the Client..... then went to work for the Client telling them exact details of how we were going to try to fleece them! When he handed in his notice he wasn't even allowed to finish his coffee! Anyway.... after he had sat out his notice period (month) in a room with only a chair and a desk he took his Company car.... parked it in the Directors space and sat with his foot on the accelerator until the petrol ran out.... then he sat with the A/C and radio on until the battery ran flat! HAHAHAAAAAAAAA!

Made me laugh.

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