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I'm about to hand my notice in.... but........

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NewlyLoadedMumsnetter Wed 13-Jul-05 20:53:43

I start my new job on August 8th..... but I am supposed to work a months notice.... which if I hand my notice in tomorrow will take me to August 15th. EEEK!

Where do I stand??? I cannot delay starting this job coz it's too good to be true and they are already miffed I can't start until 8th of August.

What exactly can my work physically /do* to prevent me starting this new job then???

NewlyLoadedMumsnetter Wed 13-Jul-05 20:54:38

Oops... forgot I hadn;'t changed my name's Toothache here. Off to change back now.

wobblyknicks Wed 13-Jul-05 20:55:02

Have you got any holiday owing that would cover a week? Don't think they can stop you going but they could dock your pay for the period of notice you haven't worked.

Toothache Wed 13-Jul-05 20:57:38

Nah I've only got 2 days that I've accrued. Is docking my pay the only thing they can do??? Coz I'm not arsed about that really as I'll be weekyl paid in the new job. So I won't be left for weeks without any pay.

wobblyknicks Wed 13-Jul-05 21:02:23

Docking your pay is the only thing they can do AFAIK, they're allowed to dock more than the week you didn't work for inconvienience, getting cover etc but not by huge loads of cash. So if losing a bit of wages doesn't bother you then don't worry.

wobblyknicks Wed 13-Jul-05 21:03:21

Oh and are you relying on a reference from them at all because if they want to be really nasty they could say you're unreliable etc for not giving adequate notice etc but they can't physically force you to work your notice.

Toothache Wed 13-Jul-05 21:05:12

WK - I don't think the reference will be a problem though as I already told the company that they could get nasty with me for not giving them the full month. They seemed fine with that.

Thanks for the info.

wobblyknicks Wed 13-Jul-05 21:07:11

No probs, they're legally not allowed to say anything 'bad' on your reference but they could say things that weren't sparklingly good if they wanted to be horrible.

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