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fear and (self) loathing in the workplace

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alicatsg Tue 12-Jul-05 11:53:07

Does anyone have any advise on this situation? I'm lost and really would value any thought?

I've been working at this company for over 5 years but since coming back from maternity leave a year ago have found myself sidelined (at the same time I gave up my main client as it involved huge amounts of travel that I obviously couldn't do with a baby). The market I'm in isn't great and we have struggled to build the business in my specific area due to an industry wide slump but my boss oversees a wider reach and has consistently refused my requests for assignments in other areas (even though I have relevant experience and expertise). Many of these assignments have been passed to members of my team without my knowledge and now even to a freelancer.

I'm sat here with little to do other than chase new business which I've been doing for a year and am exhausted/burnt out by and I have asked for alternative/Additional focus areas to help with that repeatedly. My boss hasn't had a 1-1 with me in over 8 weeks and I haven't got either my review notes (which was v good) or my objectives since my appraisal in March. He has been my boss since October and in that time we've had minimal interaction. Added to which I know that my male peer is paid 40% more than me for doing a fraction of my current role.

I feel like I am being pushed out. What do I do as am pretty desparate and low now? Any advice?

runtus Tue 12-Jul-05 12:52:07

Do you have an HR dept or a higher manager you can request a meeting with, if you don't feel satisfied with your current treatment.

You need to make it known you are wanting to get more involved and that you are not a redundant resource. If that means giving you more work, changing your role permanantly or on a temp be it.

alicatsg Tue 12-Jul-05 13:20:02

yes have tried that and got referred back to my manager who is too busy to meet this week (aka enjoying a jolly at the cricket today)

am really beginning to wonder if this is heading towards constructive dismissal

runtus Tue 12-Jul-05 14:43:34

Write a letter to HR and majke a formal request for a meeting with them and your manager. If necessary escalate it to a senior manager until you get a meeting.

If you do end up deciding you have no choice but to go down the CD route, you will need to prove you have done EVERYTHING possible to rectify the situation and they blocked you.

Oh, and keep records of everything that is said and done as you will need a full run down of the course of events to prove your case.

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