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Wanted: A new job

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CHUNKYMUNKEY Sat 09-Jul-05 14:57:52

I am looking for a new job, I have worked as an Audio Typist for almost eight years for a Civil Service department, but am being made redundant next week, I was offered a new job but unfortunately this has fallen through. I have RSA Stage 2 and 3 qualifications in office skills such as Word Processing, Text Processing and Audio Typing. I am applying for jobs that are in the local papers but as i want to work part-time to fit around my dd who is almost 4, this is quite difficult, just interested to see if anyone on Mumsnet could help? Thanks. I live in West London.

KBear Sat 09-Jul-05 15:07:33

go on your local council's website - they often advertise jobs there in school offices etc. It's tricky finding part-time work isn't it. Good luck.

CHUNKYMUNKEY Sun 10-Jul-05 14:39:55

Thanks KBear, trying my local council website but it keeps crashing, the search goes on.

Surfermum Mon 11-Jul-05 13:40:45

Bump for artyjoe.

artyjoe Mon 11-Jul-05 14:58:51

Thanks surfermum!

I run an audio transcribing business, have done for 13 years now, and have 18 people transcribing on a full/part time basis from home. If you have broadband and can do more than 2 recordings of 2hrs a week, then please CAT me and I'll send all the details.

Thanks - Joe

CHUNKYMUNKEY Mon 11-Jul-05 21:30:05

artyjoe, i have CAT you. Thanks Surfermum for bumping.

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