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Maternity suit needed

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anchovies Thu 07-Jul-05 08:03:44

I desperately need to find a suit from somewhere and I need it fast! No way I can fit in my normal work clothes anymore and got a v important meeting coming up. Have tried the one in Next on and the jacket was too short, looked ridiculous! Just wondering if anyone has got any ideas for other places I could try. I'm in Manchester.

Blackduck Thu 07-Jul-05 08:11:47

Haven't seen it in the flesh as it were, but John Lewis do a 'Bump' pack (trousers, skirt, cami top and top) in black for £90 - it streaches etc and from the website looks smart enough for work/meetings - no jacket thou'

anchovies Thu 07-Jul-05 08:35:31

Thanks Blackduck, will go and have a look, JL is somewhere I haven't tried yet. Really could do with a jacket though if anyone else has got any ideas?

PiccadillyCircus Thu 07-Jul-05 08:41:28

I know there's a company called Business Bump but don't know their website's address. I will have a search for it.

Sometimes there are suits on ebay.

Blooming Marvellous might have some suits as well?

PiccadillyCircus Thu 07-Jul-05 08:42:57

Here is Business Bump

PiccadillyCircus Thu 07-Jul-05 08:45:24

Some Blooming Marvellous things.

PiccadillyCircus Thu 07-Jul-05 08:49:29

And there is a Blooming Marvellous in Manchester

anchovies Thu 07-Jul-05 09:53:57

Thankyou so much picadillycircus, have tried the online blooming marvellous and they didn't have my size however just rang the shop and they have! So off there this afternoon. Think I may order from business bump as well!

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