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training as a dyslexia teacher

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olderandwider Mon 04-Jan-10 00:11:09

Hi, has anyone experience of training to become a dyslexia teacher? I have researched online and found a college offering something called OCR Level 5 Certificate in Teaching Learners with SpLD. I intend to call them and ask more about the course and what it may lead to in terms of employment or further training, but I am just wondering if anyone on MN knows the kind of paths into becoming a dyslexia teacher/tutor, and the typical training or experience one needs.

BTW, I am not a teacher, but I do have a degree and have just completed a Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology, which included fair bit of developmental Psychology.

Any thoughts/advice? Thanks.

cheesesarnie Mon 04-Jan-10 00:20:48

no help but can i say hurrah to you!ds1 is starting a new school tomorrow as his old one had no understanding of dyslexia or how to help him,they didn't believe he had it!!!
so well done you!i shall leave you to get the advice you wanted nowgrin

olderandwider Mon 04-Jan-10 00:23:54

Thanks for that, cheesesarnie grin

twinmumplus1inthetum Sun 10-Jan-10 19:04:09

Sounds really interesting. I don't have experience of this training myself but as a teacher I am almost 100% certain that to teach or tutor in a state school you would need QTS (qualified teacher status), which would mean doing a PGCE (1 year)or a BEd (3/4years), then doing specialist training on top of that.
All the schools I have taught in have referred children first to the SENCO (the special needs co-ordinator, who would have QTS + a lot of experience) in the school, then if needs be to the Ed Psych (usually providecd by the local education authority).
Where children have had extra help in school this has either been with the SENCO or with a specialist teacher, who had QTS + further specialist qualifications.
The private system might very well be different, and I'm sure that to tutor children outside school hours this would be up to parents as to what qualifications they were looking for.
I'm sure there is a demand though, so worth following up.

cornsilkscatholichamster Sun 10-Jan-10 19:08:27

You need to be a teacher and have at least 2 years teaching experience. Qualification is a post grad certificate (or diploma) at masters level. Dyslexia action are offering free training at the moment - check out their web site.

gigglewitch Sun 10-Jan-10 19:10:09

imho you'd definitely need QTS and the dyslexia teacher training after you'd finished your NQT year, the psychology you have already done should help a lot smile

Annben Sat 29-Apr-17 15:05:19

Has anyone taken a training course in dyslexia? I would like to do it but I am nervous in case there is a lot of statistics in it and I think that would be too difficult for me.Any advice gratefully received.

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