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Has anyone done a job share?

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juicychops Wed 29-Jun-05 17:46:22

where there are 2 of you with children. one of the mums works a couple of days a week whilst the other mum has both children then the other mum works the other days whilst the children stay with the other mum. im interested in this but need a mum who i know and trist to do this with. no luck for me but has anyone ever tried it?

hana Wed 29-Jun-05 17:58:55

I did this for 2 years - and it worked brilliantly. Our girls were the same age ( we met when they were only a few weeks old) We are also both teachers so kept reasonably similar hours and also both did the occasional extra supply day at our schools. I do miss it! Unfortunately she has since had twins and no longer works.....mine will be with a childminder in Sept

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