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Sick Pay is this right?

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confusedm Tue 28-Jun-05 21:50:37

Ok, a bit of background,. I work for a large organisation and whist pregnant there it was a bit of a nightmare,they failed in many areas including not giving me a safe place to wee and I had to waddle 10 minutes down the road to a smelly public loo in the freezing cold(another story!) they didn't even give me a return to work date, so I had no idea when I should go back and had to go through loads of hoops to find out!

The plan was to give up work full time but to return for a period of 13 weeks so as to work off the maternity pay.

The week before I was to start that period, due to a sudden illness I wasn't able to go back. I couldn't walk and was signed off. That was in March and despite much physio have been signed off since.(until the end of May)

I was told that I would get full pay for 3 months then half pay for 3 months.

I'm still receiving full pay from them - Not one person has requested my sick certificates, apparently 3 people have left(including my line manager , who has not been replaced)

This sounds a bit daft but what do I do? Because I was treated so badly whilst pregnant DH thinks I should say nothing as it's their mistake and string it out for as long as I can.

I was only meant to go back for the 13 weeks so it seems strange really that this is all dragging out so long , perhaps I should resign.

Don't really know what to do. I was meant to see an occupational therapist but surprise surprise not a word from them!

confusedm Tue 28-Jun-05 21:57:54


I will repost this thread under a rude title if nobody answers me. hehehe

goldenoldie Thu 30-Jun-05 12:05:21

Yes, I agree - I would wait till they contact me and ask what is happening, but they could ask you legally, to pay back all the extra money.

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