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parental leave????????????

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eleanorsmum Sun 26-Jun-05 21:42:54

has anyone ever heard of this and if yes ever taken any? I believe it to be an unpaid break from work if you have children under the age of 6? I currently have a really bad situation regards child care and work and my hubby. Very long story.

Distracted Sun 26-Jun-05 21:56:21

It's unpaid leave and I think you get 13 weeks for the first 5 years of each child's life. There are rules about how much notice you have to give and your employer can refuse if they have good reason. You have to take full weeks at a time. I took 4 weeks at the end of my maternity leave in 2002 (you still accrue annual leave etc. while you're on parental leave).

okapi Sun 26-Jun-05 21:57:42

info here

my dh took 2 weeks whan ds2 was born as I had a c-section.

eleanorsmum Sun 26-Jun-05 21:58:49

ooh thanks, this may be my option then as i have no-one to have dd while dh sorts out his job (he did have her but now works full time and i work part time, if he earns enough i can give up work and get a less stressful job when i want to work!!!) it's tough all this jugling!

Frizbe Sun 26-Jun-05 21:59:24

Parental Leave is for the men in your life, for when your baby is born, it is paid and I think has just gone upto 2 weeks.
Dependants Leave is the unpaid one, as per distracted's post. Check out the maternity alliance webiste for details, or citizens advice site.

eleanorsmum Sun 26-Jun-05 22:06:26

just looked at your link okapi and wow all there. i can take some unpaid time off to sort out childcare adn still return to my job! Have printed off info and will have a chat with the boss tommorrow.

PS frizbe its paternal leave for the men, this parental leave is for us both! Yeah!

okapi Sun 26-Jun-05 22:09:03

good luck eleanorsmum - hope you employer plays ball

eleanorsmum Sun 26-Jun-05 22:10:35

yeah me to, this is all their fault as me and dh work for same company and they changed his hours at such short notice it's left me up the creek without a paddle! Almost a case for constructive dismisal if i have to leave....

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