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Agenda for change - Job matching panel?

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super1971 Sun 26-Jun-05 15:52:06

anyone work for the NHS and had there interview i have mine this week and am terrifed how did anyone elses go?

bluebear Sun 26-Jun-05 16:13:27

I've had one - it was very relaxed - 2 other health-type professionals and someone from personnel. Your line manager has to go with you too so you have someone to turn to if you're having difficulty explaining part of your job.
If there is an existing national job spec. then it's quite straightforward - they ask you questions about exactly how much responsibility/control you have in your role, how physically uncomfortable it is, how emotionally distressing it is, whether you control finances or not.
It's quite straightforward - I was representing a 'cluster' of staff so i was a bit nervous that I could 'let them down' if I didn't represent the job as well as I could - but it seemed to go OK.
Haven't heard which scale they have put us on yet though! (And interview was 2 months ago)

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