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Have you used a CV service? What did you think?

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acnebride Thu 23-Jun-05 14:40:17

Yes, I'm asking for your help to see if there's any chance of making more money! If you don't mind me asking...

Have you or anyone you know used a CV service?

How much did you pay, and what did they do?

What did you think of it?

I know it's a crowded field but I do just wonder if it could be a small sideline I could set up. anchovies, you've started something...

anchovies Thu 23-Jun-05 14:45:15

Knew this thread would be you! And you know what I think, definitely a very good idea! Well we'd definitely recommend you! Just glad we got in before you started charging

By the way dh had an interview yesterday with his dream company (a hefty wage increase as well!) and has got a second interview next week! So with a bit of luck we'll be your first success story as well!

acnebride Thu 23-Jun-05 14:49:57

Hey, thanks!

wahey, show us your testimonials!!

anchovies Thu 23-Jun-05 18:39:55

Just bumping this for acnebride cos she's fab!

acnebride Thu 23-Jun-05 20:25:00


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