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How / how long did you take to decide to give up work after kids?

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Legacy Thu 23-Jun-05 09:50:38

Have been mulling over this off and on for the last year or so now.
The kids are 5 & almost 3.
DH has his own business, which although doing well, doesn't quite bring in enough to cover all our financial needs.

I have a well-paid job. the sort of work I do could probably be done on a consultancy basis. Lots of suppliers/ contacts have suggested they could/would offer me work if I left my current job.

Especially on days like this, when the sun is shining, and my youngest gives me a wet kiss and says 'Mummy I don't want to go to nursery today' my heart breaks and I just thiknk "I want to leave. I want to resign"

But I just don't know what stops me? Why can't I/ haven't I made the decision? DH says he'd be OK about it, so long as I could bring in about half the income I do now.

If you've done this, how did you plan for it? What did you base your decision on?
How much of your 'new' work did you set up before you left your current job?

I think I must just be risk adverse

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