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Flowery's off for a bit

(48 Posts)
flowerybeanbag Sun 01-Nov-09 17:39:00

Hi all, am booked in for my c-section on Wednesday for DS2, so I'm taking a break from MN for a week or so!

Will post when DS2 has arrived but otherwise will be awol for a while.

VinegarTits Sun 01-Nov-09 17:40:30

Oooh good luck Flowery, take care of yourself dear smile

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 01-Nov-09 17:40:48

grin best of luck. Doesn't seem that long ago that you were only just pregnant.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 01-Nov-09 17:45:16

Good luck!

HellBent Sun 01-Nov-09 17:51:48

All the best from me too, you've helped me out under another name!

SCARYspicemonster Sun 01-Nov-09 17:53:20

ooh I didn't even know you were expecting (where's a dim emoticon when you need it eh?). Hope all goes swimmingly and that you have a fab babymoon

NormaBatesFeltcher Sun 01-Nov-09 18:26:59

Flowery - go girl. Hope all goes well. I look forward to the announcement.

sobloodystupid Sun 01-Nov-09 19:23:11

good luck flowery! Can't wait to hear the news...

llareggub Sun 01-Nov-09 19:24:56

Good luck, can't wait to hear of the safe arrival of flowery junior no 2.

cocolepew Sun 01-Nov-09 19:25:53

Good luck!

PortoTreasonandPlot Sun 01-Nov-09 19:26:33

Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly and you recover quickly. Not too long to a lovely new baby! envy

CarGirl Sun 01-Nov-09 19:27:21

Enjoy the babymoon and your lovely new ds

PoisonToadstool Sun 01-Nov-09 19:28:11

Good luck flowery! Enjoy your new baby

RenderedSpeechless Sun 01-Nov-09 19:29:16

all the best to you flowery. much love to you and yours. x

EyeballsintheSky Sun 01-Nov-09 19:38:38

Good luck looking forward to news and pics. Hope all goes smoothly x

whinegums Sun 01-Nov-09 19:53:40

Good luck, and thank you for your advice x

ssd Sun 01-Nov-09 20:05:10

all the best flowery

WhatFreshBLOODIsThis Sun 01-Nov-09 20:10:21

Hope it goes really well, wishing you a lovely lovely new baby time xx

RibenaBerry Sun 01-Nov-09 20:10:52

Congratulations Flowery. Enjoy DS2.

southeastastra Sun 01-Nov-09 20:13:00

good luck flowery! smile

pinkteddy Sun 01-Nov-09 20:13:09

ooh flowery, had no idea you were expecting! Congrats, hope all goes well and look forward to you coming back soon x

Lizzylou Sun 01-Nov-09 20:13:31

Best of luck and enjoy smile

bran Sun 01-Nov-09 20:15:00

Good luck, I'm so glad this wasn't a flounce. grin

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 01-Nov-09 20:15:44

Message withdrawn

Hassled Sun 01-Nov-09 20:16:32

Good luck with it all

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