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Help! Want to apply for new job 1 month after returning from ML

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GumtreeGirl Sun 25-Oct-09 09:00:53

Looking for advice over what I can/ can't do.

I've just returned back to work (now part-time) after 9 months ML.

However, I've just seen a job for more money for less hours, with a far more interesting remit (my current job is OK, but I've been there for 5 years and career-wise I'll be treading water and getting bored until either I change jobs or get pregnant again in due course).

My Maternity Pay was 100% for first 2 weeks, then 90% for the next 12, followed by SMP for the remaining time. I've looked through the letter I got from HR outlining my maternity leave/ pay/ conditions and can't find anything to say whether there's a minimum period I have to stay in my job before leaving, or pay back anything.

Can anyone help with this? If I go for the new job and get an offer, I want to know where I stand on my obligations to my current employer.

I feel bad about wanting to leave as the people at work has been very good, plus I'd feel bad as I've only just returned, but in terms of money/ time/ interest it's a no-brainer.

Any help or advice out there?


pointyhat Sun 25-Oct-09 10:08:55

Are you in a union? If so, ask them.

If not, ask someone in HR what the conditions are. Usually you have to return to work for a minumum period, a few months.

GumtreeGirl Sun 25-Oct-09 14:46:00

Hi Pointyhat,

I'm not in a union, and reluctant to talk to HR before I need to as I'd rather keep it quiet that I'm applying.

I know it's probably a case of each employer being different, but wondered if there were any hard or fast rules.

flowerybeanbag Sun 25-Oct-09 16:49:36

Your employer can more or less put whatever terms and conditions they like on extra maternity pay, and returning to work for a set period of time is usual. But they have to make you aware of any conditions beforehand. They ought to have told you in the letter if there are any, but if there is a widely-available maternity policy making terms and conditions clear, that might count as well.

Check to see what the policy says where you are. If it doesn't say anything you are fine. If it says you must pay some back, you will need to decide whether you can legitimately argue that you wouldn't have been aware.

GumtreeGirl Sun 25-Oct-09 22:30:57

Cheers flowerybeanbag. I'll do some investigation tomorrow, although I'd have thought that if it was obvious it would have been in the T&C set out in my Maternity Leave/ Pay letter I got before I went on leave last year.

Thanks for the advice

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