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Redundancy while on maternity leave - update and query

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Sabri Mon 19-Oct-09 19:40:25

Hi everyone, we posted a few days ago re: muy wife's situation - being at risk of being made redundant while on ML. Thanks again for those who posted comments. Just a quick update and a query:

Consultation went OK, she held her ground. (in a nutshell, they are trying to get rid of her by portraying her job as at risk of redundancy, they advertised a 'new' job exactly like hers, she pointed that out, they later wrote a letter with some 'additional responsibilities' of the 'new' available job).

They had a new meeting today, she showed them that the new ad hoc 'job description' doesn't make much sense, etc. That she still believes that her job is staying practically the same, and so on. Result: at the end of the meeting, off record, they said they'll be going to make her an offer tomorrow.

Following legal advice, she refused to say what/how much she wants, despite being initmated to do so many times during the meeting. She just said she would like to keep the job, and that it was their responsibility to suggest alternative ways of resolving the issue.

OK, so they are presumably going to make an 'offer' tomorrow. We've got some legal/paralegal advice on this, but it will be good to hear more opinions and/or experiences from you.

1) What kind of package in a situation such as hers should she agree to? We think they now know she's confident and serious about it all, so we do not expect a derisory offer, but anything can happen.
2? How to conduct negotiations from now on? Let's say, they make this offer (probably over the phone). What should her next step be?
3) What are her legal rights here, i.e., what does such packages should include (e.g. statutory redundancy pay, SMP, legal fees for her solicitor to advise her on the package document, etc.)?

Thanks for your precious time and ideas again!

mamayaya Wed 21-Oct-09 22:30:47

How did yoyu get on with this?

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