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Informal visit - before interview.

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Maize Mon 19-Oct-09 15:16:49

I have an informal visit before an interview organised and I don't know what to ask. Its for a job as a HCA.

I will have just come off a night shift in the same building and be in uniform and look tired so thats appearance covered hmm but the manager said that was fine.

I am going because I want to see what the environment is like but other than that what should I say?

twinklytoes Tue 20-Oct-09 16:09:53

hopefully you'll get a tour of the ward environment. I would ask about the general routine of the HCA and their key roles especially if its a completely different environment. be careful you don't break any confidentiality especially if you talk about your current role. lastly, check the job spec and see if there's anything you want to query before the interview as well.

I welcome this and tend to ask pointed questions to the applicant to ease the nerves. I also send the applicant round with someone I regard as competent in the HCA role already so the applicant gets to hear the real deal.

be positive and friendly. Its the applicants that visit beforehand that are remembered becuase they seem interested and enthuastic.

Maize Tue 20-Oct-09 19:21:32

Hi thanks, it went fine, she showed me round. I asked about working hours (its a day unit), and rotation and training their HCAs take.

So it seemed ok, staff seemed friendly and happy. I said I wanted something new and it looked busy and interesting which I hope was the right thing to say!!

She asked me about my current job which led onto me clarifying something (why I bank and don't have a f/t job at the moment) so I am glad I got that over with pre- interview!

Maize Wed 28-Oct-09 16:25:18

Wanted to update this to thank you twinklytoes, I got the job today. x

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