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I've alreeady posted this on a parenting board was recommended to post on here for advice, I had to leave work early today as my son was sick..

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couture1 Mon 19-Oct-09 14:07:39

I feel terribly torn, I knew my son was not well when I took him to nursery today but against my better judgement left him there because I was worried about my employers recaction to me taking holiday at such short notice. I received on call from the nursery at 10.30 to say he really needed to see the doctor - I advised them that I would book an appt as soon as I could get one - which will be 3.00pm this afternoon. I then got another call saying he was lethargic and had a high temperature. I phoned my manager who works from home and she said yes I could have it as emergency half days holiday but she will have a meeting with me tomorrow to discuss it. Its so hard trying to be commited to the workplace and being a Mother. I'm really upset with myself for leaving him in the first place I shoudl have stayed at home to look after him. I ended up being quite emotional (guilt) when I left work and my colleaugues were very understanding and sympathetic but I am now worried about the conversation tomorrow (providing my son is well enough for me to be there) to 'discuss' this.

moaningminniewhingesagain Mon 19-Oct-09 14:09:04

You are entitled to take (unpaid)carers leave for emergencies like this , you shouldn't have to take holidays for it.

Could you have a word with HR if you have one?

flowerybeanbag Mon 19-Oct-09 14:23:46

couture1 have posted on your other thread. I think others posted links about your rights to emergency time off for situations like this, so read through those so you are fully informed before going into the meeting.

Don't assume the worst, but if you are concerned about what it said in the meeting, do come back here and report back on what was said so that we can advise you.

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