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Need advice from any mobile beauty therapists

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iva555 Sun 18-Oct-09 18:25:24


I am thinking of working as a mobile beauty therapist once I get my NVQ qualification in beauty therapy. I am working in a salon while studying and gaining the qualification. Any tips on how to set myself up, find clients, supplies etc. Is it profitable? Any advice would be helpful.


HeartOfCrystal Sun 25-Oct-09 21:12:06


My friend is currently working as a mobile beauty therapist, and she is doing ok.
What she first started out, she came up with special "deals" and packages example bridal packages where she would go and do all the beauty treatments the day before, like waxing, nails,tan, eyelashes and pedicures and return on the day to do the make-up. She said that was one of her biggest earners as the bridesmaids and mothers tend to want theirs done aswell. So she had upto 6 clients all paying for her services and no extra travel.

Setting up wise, she said she needed a small loan from the bank of about £2000 as when starting up you have to buy all your own equipment and supplies before you can start
Supplies you need to get a trades card and find your local discount warehouse.

And for finding clients, networking sites are amazing facebook is like an appointment book for her. Building a good reputation will take time, also advertising in the local paper is always a good place to start. Do leaflet drops and tell your freinds to do abit of advertising for you ! haha you'll be amazed how many people you can reach through word of mouth

HTH smile

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