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Re-organisation whilst on mat leave

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Dubbs Fri 16-Oct-09 19:09:23

I started a thread previously but can't find it.

My company has recently merged with another and the two departments have re-organised. Where there is more than one person that can do the job, the job gets opened up to those that want to apply.

I now have to attend and interview alongside others so they can find the best candidate.

I've been advised by my Union that I have to go along with the process but mustn't be disadvantaged by it.

My interview consists of a 10 min presentation about what I will do in the first 3 months of undertaking this role if I'm successful. i'm not due to return for another six months, and don't think familiarisation of the new organisation and handover are quite want they have in mind. Apparently reg 10 doesn't count?

I keep getting told "everyone is in the same situation"

there are no redudancies. for those left without a post they'll be put into a redeployment pool and slotted in somewhere.

I've taken 5 years to build my career and feel I'm having to go back to the beginning again. I've had only 8 months at work in the passed three years (2 babies).

Any thoughts would be appreciated

flowerybeanbag Fri 16-Oct-09 20:08:06

Is it your union or your employer who have said Reg 10 doesn't apply, and on what basis have they said it doesn't? Are they guaranteeing to find all unsuccessful candidates another suitable post?

Dubbs Sat 17-Oct-09 13:14:08

It's my union although they didn't say why it didn't apply. My employer has guaranteed they will find other posts, but can't guarantee it'll be at the same level apparently there are only so many at this level everyone else will be put into something else. There will not be any redundancies compulsory or otherwise and our salaries are protected.

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