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CV Help what should I write for a personal profile

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whichwitchisthis Thu 15-Oct-09 09:41:31

I am looking to get a job in a bar/restaurant and I need to write a personal profile, but all the ones I can find on the internet say stuff like proven track record or xy andz and I have no real experience of these other than working in an over the counter basis previously

I want to put that I am a quick learner, reiable, trustworthy and can and will deliver excellent customer service etc etc etc

But I have no idea how to word it

could someone either write me grin or help me out please I've finished the rest of it but just can't seem to write anything for this...or should I just not write anything at all?

I would start with the sentence you have there...

I am a quick learner, reliable, trustworthy and deliver excellent customer service.

Then use an example from your previous work to illustrate.

Quick learner
In my job at xyz I had to learn a new electronic till system/email programme/whatever whatever. This shows that I am a able to learn and implement new skills quickly and efficiently.

Deliver excellent customer service.
In my experience in the hospitatily industry I have learnt that providing an excellent customer experience is key to a successful bar/restaurant/whatever.
I treat every customer with politeness and a smile trying to make sure they enjoy their meal/night out/ whatever. REsponding promptly and professionally to complaints and trying to resolve them to the satisfaction of both customer and bar is very important aspect of excellent customer managment.

Reliable and trustworthy
My last manager trusted me with xyz that was above and beyone the remit of my job, showing I am happy to take on extra tasks to help the team work well together.

Chuck something in about enjoying working as a team, meeting the general public and still being able to work proactively on your own (ie you don't need telling what to do every five minutes).

I hope that is helpful, but feel free to ignore if you like or if someone else comes along with a better idea.

Though obv you would want to not include my typos. grin

whichwitchisthis Thu 15-Oct-09 10:37:29

ooh thanks steak that's great grin that's exactly what I was going for lol, I guess I won't be putting eloquent on my cv wink

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