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Anyone taken a career break?

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BloodshotEyeballs Mon 12-Oct-09 15:41:21

Background: We have one dd and are thinking ahead to next year and a dc2. It may be possible for me to give up work if I want to and I've been looking at my options. We have a career break scheme whereby you can take unpaid leave for up to five years and then return (if you want). My plan would be to go on ML with dc2 (hopefully!) and then request a career break during ML. Thus giving me up to five years off and the option to return to a place I really love working at when the dc start school.

I've checked with Personnel and, application process permitting it's very straightforward. So, has anyone done this and how does it work out? If it's so easy why would anypne give in their notice on a job they liked?

morleylass Mon 12-Oct-09 16:59:31

Yes I did - although I never went back to that job because we moved before the 5 years was up. I had to do a 2 weeks keep in touch program each year (paid) which involved going back to my department for a couple of weeks. I took the career break because I had just found out I was pregnant with no. 2, having recently having had a miscarriage and wanting to spend time with the children rather than at work (I did 4 days pw then)

Things to consider are the fact that my scheme didn't guarantee you a job at the end of it, you effectively resigned from the company and if there was redundancies and your role goes you probably wouldn't get anything. As I was pregnant already and had worked a certain amount in the weeks leading up to the baby's birth I also was eligible for Maternity Allowance which certainly helped.

HTH and good luck with whatever you decide!


BloodshotEyeballs Mon 12-Oct-09 21:21:05

Thanks, that does help. I never heard of anyone else taking them up on this and it seems like a foolproof offer, particularly as my work guarantee you a job to return to, supposedly...

roquefort Mon 12-Oct-09 21:35:38

I took a 5 year career break and when I wanted to go back there wasn't a job for me. Took legal advice and was told that I had no grounds for challenge as I had resigned - the obligation on the company to offer me my job back was a moral rather than a legal one. To be fair I was aware of this and it didn't cause me a real problem although I would have liked to go back. So check the legal position - if the letter says you are resigning then that is what you are doing. Mine was with a very large company and a proper scheme including keeping in touch weeks etc.

Lapsedrunner Mon 12-Oct-09 21:36:42

hmmmm, yes about 7years ago (DS 7)!

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