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Help!! Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get to East India Dock Station (Docklands light railway)

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sparklefrog Mon 12-Oct-09 15:33:30

from Liverpool Street Train station.

I know the quickest route may not be the easiest and vice versa, but I am due at the employment tribunal tomorrow, and have no idea what tube to get, or on what line.

I can make my way to Liverpool Street Train Station, but after that I am lost.

Can anyone help?

SydneyScarborough Mon 12-Oct-09 15:35:20

Message withdrawn

SydneyScarborough Mon 12-Oct-09 15:35:56

Message withdrawn

JustAnotherManicMummy Mon 12-Oct-09 15:36:35

Go to TFL journey planner

You can put your journey in and get maps. Some times the bus is quicker but it will tell you.

Good luck for tomorrrow smile

sparklefrog Tue 13-Oct-09 00:56:40

Thanks so much everyone.

SydneyScarborough I am coming from Chelmsford. I can make my way to Liverpool street train station via the train from chelmsford, but once I'm in london, I'm completely lost.

Central Line to Bank, then DLR sounds good. I'll do it that way I think.

Is it easy from bank to DLR?

SydneyScarborough Tue 13-Oct-09 14:24:53

Message withdrawn

bran Tue 13-Oct-09 14:30:14

Does your train in stop at Limehouse before Liverpool Street? If so you can change to the DLR there.

bran Tue 13-Oct-09 14:41:50

Oops, just realised that the OP was yesterday, so tomorrow is today. Hope it went well.

sparklefrog Tue 13-Oct-09 15:07:34

Sorry Bran, I meant to say tribunal is Wednesday, so it is definitely tomorrow now. grin I am having problems with the 'enter' key, DD has bashed my lappy when I was in the next room angry and every time I press enter, it throws up a new window to edit my 'sleep' settings. sad I am explaining because I am unable to write this paragraph any other way until I reboot. grin I will check whether my train stops at Limehouse. I wonder if the Chelmsford to Liverpool Street train does stop at Limehouse. hmm I'll go see if I can find a website detailing stops on the way.

bran Tue 13-Oct-09 19:55:25

Just be aware that not all DLR trains from either Bank or Limehouse go past East India so check the final destination and make sure it's going the way you want.

If you're starting from Bank then you're best off taking whatever train comes first and changing at Westferry as all or most trains from Bank go via Canary Wharf (the wrong way for you). If you're starting from Limehouse then approx every second train will go via East India.

There are maps on the platform, or even better print one off from TFL. There is a display board on the platform showing the final destination of the next 3 trains so you can check which one you need on the map.

SydneyScarborough Tue 13-Oct-09 20:15:27

Message withdrawn

bran Tue 13-Oct-09 20:47:12

What can I say SS, I'm proud to be a nerd. grin

sparklefrog Wed 14-Oct-09 05:41:55

Thanks so much Bran.

I'm up, at this ungodly hour and barely functioning grin

Hopefully, I'll get there without too many problems.

Thanks so much for all your help.

SydneyScarborough Wed 14-Oct-09 09:45:59

Message withdrawn

sparklefrog Wed 14-Oct-09 21:20:30


Thanks for your good wishes. It was a preliminary hearing, for the purpose of deciding if I am 'disabled' under the DDA or not. Employer claims I am not disabled, I claim I am.

Judge ruled in my favour. grin

SydneyScarborough Thu 15-Oct-09 09:57:30

Message withdrawn

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