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ivegotahousefull Sun 11-Oct-09 20:16:00

hi, i was working part time up till august, but with little job security, a secure full time job came up, so i foolishly took it, however i have found it immensely hard working 49 hours a week, including saturday mornings, and running a house and four children, two weeks at a time on my own, the other two with my husband, as he works away.

From the day i started i have hated the job, it involves driving full time. I went for a job interview yesterday for a part time job in a brand new shop, being refurbished as i type.

I feel guilty for dropping my full time employer in it, as they have been very nice to me, but how do i hand my notice in and what do i say.

The last time i had to work a weeks notice i got totally ignored for the whole week.


LoveBeingAMummy Sun 11-Oct-09 20:21:07

I thin k a certain about amount of honestly goes a long way. Thanking them for the opportunity and stating that due to work life balance you need to find arole with reduced hours.

Hassled Sun 11-Oct-09 20:21:37

Just be honest - except maybe the bit about hating your job. Say that you're struggling to cope with such long hours and you've realised that the driving doesn't suit you, many thanks for their support, you wish them well etc. And if you get ignored for the notice week - well, it's only a week.

ivegotahousefull Sun 11-Oct-09 21:04:34

thanks girls, i just feel bad about resigning, as they have been really good, i feel that they will say to me though, that the other van driver, is also female, 12 yrs younger and has three young children is able to cope, but her husband is home every night so she gets some support, i think they may make me feel inadequate. but, i will be honest and tell them that the long hours and driving are not for me, plus it is really causing havoc with my home life. x x

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