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Think I am about to lose my job....

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Julezboo Thu 08-Oct-09 17:26:46

Hi all,

I wont go into huge details because I would be here all day.

A brief summary.

- been here 20 months now
- was employed as a group PA
- recent restructure of the company was told my role was being made redundant and the only other possible role for me would be customer services (for a company who gets a lot of complaints!)
- In the end the FD requested me as his PA and the Big boss told me "for 3 months and then things will pan out"
- I enquired about other PA roles within the company as there is now 3 MD's, chairman and an FD - was told there isn't any.
- Except there is, I am now training 3 different people up to do my role, two who joined the company after me and one who has been newly employed.

I can see my workload disappearing before my eyes and I am so down about it.

Can they legally make my role redundant only to give 3 other people my role? And then ask me to train them? The way things are looking I will be out of a job by xmas. One of the girls (who I have absolutely nothing against)Only joined the company 3 months ago, the other 6 months ago and the 3rd is starting next week.

Please give me advice. Although I am looking for work elsewhere I love my job, I am good at it. The MD's weren't made aware that I ws available and have since pulled me in to apologise. Whilst the BB told me there were no other PA roles going?! All seems a bit underhand to me..

Tortington Thu 08-Oct-09 17:28:15

phone acas - as you have been there over 12 months you should have some rights.

flowerybeanbag Thu 08-Oct-09 20:17:49

I'm going to drop you an email julezboo

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