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I wish they would hurry up & make me redundant - sorry long but I need to vent

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Debbiethemum Thu 09-Jun-05 22:41:52

Please motivate me to go into work next week.
Our department (IT) is being outsourced - jobs going to Bangalore & Wales which is quite a commute from Hertfordshire!!
They say they want to redeploy everyone but I cannot see them coping with my 4-day week, wanting to be home BY 5 everyday. Especially as because of the way they work I would be sent on projects of varying lengths in different parts of the country.
So when we heard of this dh & I made a decision that I would start up my own web design company working part time from home - even though he was already under notice of redundancy at his office & planning to start up his own company with a coleague & an ex-colleague.
Now I know we could do with my salary for a few more months, until he can start bringing home cash (though he does have a lot of clients so far). AND if they make me redundant because of 12 years service I would get 12 weeks pay in lieu of notice & 12 weeks redundancy pay & can use my share opions (so make a nice wodge of cash there as well). BUT I want to walk out.
Now the option of being with the children full time is looking feasible I am finding it so hard leaving them each morning. Also I HATE the atmosphere at work at the moment - along with everyone else.
Please insist I stay a bit longer (wish I knew how much longer) as we do need the money. AAARRRGGGHHHH

Frizbe Thu 09-Jun-05 22:45:20

You need to stay and get the cash, trust me, both dh and I have our own busninesses and its bloody hard work for the 1st few years, you need all the financial help you can get! besides is a few more weeks/months, pootling along dying of accute boredom and getting paid for it really going to kill you (I hope not!) grin and bear it, soon you will be free!

KatieMac Thu 09-Jun-05 22:47:05

Wait...please wait - It's horrid but you need the security.

After 2 ys of S/Ement, we are very broke

It's very hard to be uncomfortable at work
But stick with it

Debbiethemum Thu 09-Jun-05 22:57:33

Thanks - Its the not knowing when that is really getting me down, we are being told we may find out when by the end of the month - fat chance. It has taken them six weeks to tell us how many of their employees are part time workers, and they still haven't said how many of these are technical rather than line managers / secretarial who wouldn't go out on projects anyway.
Roll on the 9th of August when our TUPE protection ends as that is the first date they can make anyone redundant on. Meanwhile you are right, I will just have to get all the little projects finished and make very sure that all my doumentation is up-to-date on my big project so I can make handover & skills transfer very easy.
This way they have no reason to keep me !!

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