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Why shouldn't DH become a car salesman?

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FlamingoBingo Tue 06-Oct-09 08:52:33

It looks like DH will be able to get a really good job with a good manager. He loves selling and is very, very good at it and should very easily be able to earn more than he does now at management level in the retail sector. There seem to be a lot of positives, but it seems a bit too good to be true.

Any thoughts?

FlamingoBingo Tue 06-Oct-09 09:30:48

Does anyone or their DPs work in car sales? Ought I to move this to chat to catch people who've hidden this topic?

GypsyMoth Tue 06-Oct-09 09:44:01

my boyfriend works with car salesmen. he's in the parts dept. but says that salesmen not doing so good at the moment,and that everyone is buying parts and fixing the car they already have

Alibooobaandthe40Phantoms Tue 06-Oct-09 09:58:17

The only thing I would say, is make sure that you could survive on just his basic pay for 3 months incase they have a bad quarter or there is a delay with commission etc coming through.
If you can do that and he will enjoy it then he should go for it.

He should maybe do some research into the dealerships figures first, what with the recession etc.

FlamingoBingo Tue 06-Oct-09 10:11:59

TIFFANY - my brother is in car sales and he says that, although it's slow right now, it will change over the next year as it's starting to already.

Alibooooooba - that's a good idea to look into the dealership he's looking at. We will struggle the first two months while he waits for his first commission to be paid to him, but he only needs to sell 5 cars per month to make it up to what we're earning now and he ought to sell far more than that easily, which means we can save money for any really awful months.

<<runs off to google DH's dealership and look at it's figures>>

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