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puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 11:39:23

DH just got home. Returned today after 4weeks off after birth of dd to find that he is at the centre of fraud allegations at work. He was given no warning until this morning and was given no chance of having a representitive at the meeting that suspended him.

He did not do this (i know i am bound to say this but he is innocent). Where do we go from here, what should work have provided him with, what do they need to tell him etc?

bundle Thu 09-Jun-05 11:42:39

try the ACAS helpline

Acas Helpline - answers your employment questions in one confidential phone call.

08457 47 47 47

08456 06 16 00 - Textphone users

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00

Mothernature Thu 09-Jun-05 11:48:10

The Acas Helpline 08457 474747 can provide information on employment matters but cannot provide legal advice on particular cases. Other sources of information and advice for employees include trade union representatives, citizens advice bureaux, and lawyers. What are they implying he did?

puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 11:54:14

They are implying that he made a client up, then wrote cheques in this name and cashed them. It all happened last August/September apparently. At this time I was having a suspected miscarriage and we also went on holiday so he was not actually in the office much of the time anyway!

Nightynight Thu 09-Jun-05 11:58:08

no practical help, but thinking of you. hope you can sort it out without too much stress.

Mothernature Thu 09-Jun-05 11:58:09

Does he have a union rep? if not get help NOW, hopefully things will sort out who would have had access to cheques while your dh was away? make cross references in diaries as to which days he was in the office and when he was not, anyone else in the frame he suspects?

puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 12:00:57

Cannot think of anyone who would do this or would want to frame dh. No union rep, don't know whether to talk to a solicitor yet or not?

Mothernature Thu 09-Jun-05 12:05:36

Well he can't just sit there, speak to one of the people mentioned below (Acas,citizens advice bureaux, and lawyers). hope it get sorted soon xx

jessicasmummy Thu 09-Jun-05 12:14:37

REally sorry Puddy... he needs to speak to one of the helplines to find out where he stands. I didnt think they could suspend him without a meeting involving a rep on his behalf. Keep us updated.

puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 12:15:51

I suppose on the plus side I am not at home on my own now! Just scored 18 on the Edinburgh test at the health clinic as well. This is not a good morning

Blu Thu 09-Jun-05 12:16:26

I think I would get a solicitor.

soapbox Thu 09-Jun-05 12:17:17

Puddy - this is really serious stuff.

He really needs to get a solicitor straight away!

koalabear Thu 09-Jun-05 12:21:32

cashed cheques? for cash, or into a bank account? if in bank account, this should be fairly easy to prove as they can track into which account a cheque has been cashed

if they have been cashed for cash then whoever did that would have to have taken ID, and that can also be followed up

so, this should be quite easy to prove that hubby is innocent

poor you having to deal with this so soon after birth of baby - sending you big hug

puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 12:30:26

Cashed cheques. They are not saying how much tho. They can prove the cheques were cashed from their end - dh reconciles the bank! They are saying the client they were paid to does not exist.

koalabear Thu 09-Jun-05 12:34:54

ok, so they will know where the cheques were cashed (ie. which store/entity) and that place will have records of ID used to cash the cheque - has hubby had any ID stolen recently?

crazyandconfused Thu 09-Jun-05 12:35:28

I hope you can get things sorted fast! If I was your husband I would have seen a lawyer before I came home, get him a lawyer fast! make sure his work knows he is responding and not going to be a scapegoat for anything or anyone if thats what its about, also can he go back after being accused of such a terrible thing, after what happened to you both last year and just having a baby are they trying to make him have a breakdown? I am sending all of todays quota of cuddles to you the best of luck too!

koalabear Thu 09-Jun-05 12:36:16

yes, please, ring the advice lines ASAP and get legal representation

puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 12:40:57

Have just called acas, they said it was up to us if we wanted to get legal advice now. Just told us what we already new about suspension, got the feeling they were more directed to employers rather than employees. Can't get thro to CAB

crazyandconfused Thu 09-Jun-05 12:42:02

Send Husband to Lawyers ASAP!

SaintGeorge Thu 09-Jun-05 12:42:14

Are you a member of the AA/Rac or similiar? Or check your house insurance - you might find you have a 'legal helpline' that you can get free basic advice from. They might be able to point you in the right direction quickly.

munz Thu 09-Jun-05 12:44:57

who signs the cheques?

bundle Thu 09-Jun-05 12:47:18

Call 0845 345 4 345 for legal help and advice

what about the above link? it's called Community Legal Service, they put you in touch with advice agencies, solicitors etc. it says it's independent & confidential

puddytats Thu 09-Jun-05 12:54:58

Thats the stupid thing, 4 people check things before a partner signs the cheque. It is virtually impossible for this to happen.

assumedname Thu 09-Jun-05 12:56:49

I'd say he needs a lawyer asap.

assumedname Thu 09-Jun-05 12:57:54

And if you've got any proof that he wasn't in the office during August/September, start getting it together.

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