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DH has changed jobs ... and hates it ... which way to turn ..

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ducdo Mon 28-Sep-09 12:18:23

DH had a good job for past few years but decided wanted a change and more money and has been successful in applying for new job.

Started in August on an intensive 6 month classroom training and is hating every minute of it. Says its not what he thought and is not looking forward to doing 'the job' when the training finishes .. and is convinced himself he won't get that far anyway.

He is stressed beyond belief and his mood is having a huge impact on me and the kids. As much as I encourage him it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Feel like the path we were on to him having a better job, more money etc..(which is what he wanted) is slipping away and I don't know what to do for the best. He says he would happilly go back to his old job which was easier and less challenging. However he wasn't happy there which is why he left.

The new job and him training has taken over our lives - in a negative way - and I feel I am trying to keep things going but its so hard. I work part time too and am really struggling to manage with kids, homework, the usual tasks involved in running the house whilst working, plus supporting him as best I can through this tough time.

I am on such a downer at the moment and could quite easily burst into tears at my desk.

I want to shake him and say you made this decision. He is feeling the pressure as we need 2 salaries, can't afford for him to walk away. I imagine he will never be happy in whatever job he does ..

moshchops Mon 28-Sep-09 20:01:42

Poor thing, I should imagine it is a complete culture shock. Has he wrote a list of pos and neg's for this job and his last job; maybe you could do a list for your job too, so he can see that everyone hates their job.
Or maybe he could do what I do, every day I promise myself I'll take a sick day tomorrow! When I go into work tomorrow I will feel virtuous, and I will be doing them a favour!

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