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advice needed for DH

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ThatVikRinA22 Sat 26-Sep-09 00:20:44

my DH has worked as a manager for a small bakery for the last 20 years.

a few weeks ago the owner got him in and told him that no one had ever done more for the business etc. heaped the praise on him. he is a very good manager and an excellent bakerm but the business is struggling like many others just now.

he hasnt had a pay rise for more than 3 years and works very long hours

today the owner got him in and absolutely lambasted him for his "personal standards" because he hadnt had a shave and in the owner opinion he needs a hair cut. he also said the bakery was a mess - my DH has been coping with staff shortages due to people leaving and holidays etc.

my DH works 12/13 hour days beginning at 1am - he never gets paid overtime. he also gets phonecalls every single day when he gets home from work from the other staff members, he really does go above and beyond the call of duty, the owner said that thats his job and he should happily work 50 hour weeks as it wouldnt be unreasonable - my DH earns just over 20k a year for this privalage.

i am absolutely spitting blood here. my DH didnt argue as he said if he had he would have ended up walking out - and we need his income quite frankly.

i am so enraged. how dare this employer tell my DH to get a hair cut or a shave when he is the one getting up to go to work at 1am and doing 12 hour days. his boss blows completely hot and cold. one minute DH can do no wrong, the next he gets this.

does an employer have the right to do this? would he have any comeback? his employer does let his own mood colour the way he treats people - if he has a shite day others get it too. but its annoyed me so much that while he is driving about in his brand new merc courtesy of DH hard graft he cops this because he didnt shave this week...
any ideas on how to broach this one?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sat 26-Sep-09 00:26:29

I think there's not a lot you can do; his employer hasn't started disciplinary procedures, he's just been a bit narky. As unpleasant as that is for your DH, I think he just has to take the rough with the smooth. Presumably the owner has always been a bit up and down - or is this a new thing?

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