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End of additional maternity leave - help needed!

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Freddiecat Tue 07-Jun-05 10:32:39

My additional maternity leave is due to finish on 20th June. My plan all along was to resign one month beforehand in accordance with my T's and C's. I have a place to do teacher training in September. However on 9th May my boss phoned me to ask if I was interested in coming back to work for a 5 week project in my local area.

I explained the whole situation to him re- teacher training and said that I was interested but only if part-time. He agreed to get back to me about this and to send me more info.

I heard nothing so on 19th May (the day before I should have resigned) I emailed him and the HR manager explaining (again) why I couldn't work full-time or travel (my actual company is located 150 miles away but I've been working locally here for them for 4 years). My DP is on long term sick and can't cope with the kids overnight. I also explained that I would not be resigning on 20th May as I hadn't heard from them.

A week later and still nothing so I sent a follow-up. Then last week I got a letter from them saying the project had fallen through but my skills were still valued elsewhere and could I fill out the flexible working request if I wanted to go part-time. (My contract states no location by the way).

I called them and asked whether they were realistically able to give me some work for 2 days a week from home for 2 months and she said she's get back to me - you guessed it and I've not heard a peep.

Thing is - what happens on 20th June? I have told them there is no way I am going into the office as I have extenuating circumstances and that if I hadn't had this conversation with my boss then I would have resigned. I also told them I expect to be back on payroll on 20th June as this confusion has stopped me from being able to get another job on that date.

It's all a bit crap really but I a,m confused.

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