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Could really do with some advice...

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Ohmigod Fri 25-Sep-09 20:28:27

My line manager at work has had two strokes in the last 3 months resulting in a lot of time off - understandably!

I have recently put in a flexible working request (that requires an internal move) and had it accepted just before leaving the office this afternoon. My line manager knew I was submitting a FWR and was very supportive so when I came out of the meeting I called her to let her know the outcome, she didn't answer so I sent a text.

She has been off for the last two weeks so hasn't been consulted in the process - I don't think she has to be consulted as it is a board decision. She text me back saying that she is really happy for me but as far as she is concerned they are now in hot water with her as it wasn't discussed with her and they can't expect her to train someone else.

I told her that I agreed to work FT for as long as it took me to recruit my replacement and train them up - even if that was months. She won't answer her phone to me and seems really pissed off, we are quite good friends and she has gone silent on me.

Now, my question, it can't actually get my employer in to trouble not discussing it with her can it? She seems to be implying that they are going to be in trouble now but I just can't see how and am sitting here worrying about it. Sorry this is long, does anyone know how I should handle this or whether there is even anything to handle?

WickedWench Fri 25-Sep-09 20:43:00

I wouldn't have thought there is anything for you to worry about handling. Staffing and resourcing decisions are often taken without reference to the direct line manager.

I work in the public sector and whole teams are rearranged by the executive team in the division where I am. It's for the manager to 'manage' the change. That's what we're paid for.

She's probably just narked because it means she'll have to do what she's paid for.

Congrats on getting your request approved and don't worry about it!!

Ewe Fri 25-Sep-09 22:02:55

Thanks WW! I almost wish I had not even mentioned and just left it to the board to deal with, I thought I was doing the right thing and it backfired.

I'm hoping that her general stress and frustration over her health is clouding her normally positive and clear mind!

Ewe Fri 25-Sep-09 22:03:11

God I am truly shit at name changing. Never mind!

pinkteddy Fri 25-Sep-09 22:24:56

I think boundaries are getting a bit blurred here as you know your boss personally as well as professionally. If you didn't, she wouldn't even necessarily know about this decision until she came back to work and it would be a fait accompli.

As far as getting your employer in trouble goes all that has to happen is for them to seriously consider your request for flexible working and if they turn it down, give sound business reasons for doing so. Internal politics doesn't come into it although your company may have its own policies that it follows. More information on flexible working regs here

WickedWench Fri 25-Sep-09 22:46:48

pinkteddy is right. You're just feeling bad because you've let your boss know, who is also a friend, and she hasn't taken it too well.

You won't get your employer in trouble because they have considered your request at the level they feel is appropriate. It has been considered and approved. End of! The fact that your line manager wants to whinge about what the decision means for her is irrelevant. Decision made by people more senior than she is! Tough.

Those that have the authority to make the decision have done so and it is out of her hands. The fact that she doesn't like it isn't your problem. If she isn't happy she needs to take it up with her manager but I doubt she'll get very far. Senior managers (especially at board level) don't tend to like having their decisions questioned by junior members of staff.

Stop stressing! And I've had too much red wine to notice or care who has changed names......

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