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Is there anything I can do about this delicate issue

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scrazy Wed 23-Sep-09 11:45:32

Name changed for this.

I've been in my job for a year and it's one of the best companies I've worked for so far, enjoy the work, reasonably well paid and leaving would be a real problem.

My line manager who sits in my office and who is second in command to the top man must have a medical problem. He coughs, splutters, clears his chest and throat very loudly and constantly. I've tried getting used to it but it's irritating me so much that it's giving me headaches and anxiety. The office is very quiet which makes it worse.

Is there anything I can apart from leaving my job.

catsmother Wed 23-Sep-09 12:46:18

How difficult. I do appreciate how repetitive noise of any kind can be very irritating, but somehow "personal" noises can often be worse ...... akin to the uncomfortable feeling you get if someone scrapes their nails down a board. It makes you feel queasy, apart from the interruption and not being able to concentrate. No doubt your headaches are caused by the tension.

Do you think you'd feel better able to cope with it if you knew he had a medical problem ? If so, would you maybe be able to speak to HR about him, not in an accusatory manner, but simply in the same way you've described the issue to us here ? Thing is though I do understand if knowing wouldn't make any difference - an annoying noise is an annoying noise after all. Is there any scope for moving within the office (probably unlikely for many people) ? ..... or is yours a job where you could get away with wearing earplugs, even if only for the periods where you really need to concentrate ?

tink123 Fri 25-Sep-09 20:19:17

could be difficult one cos it cud be a problem like tourettes or a tic which would not be a medical problem as such

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