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Incapactiy benefit and loss of wages this month

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Saltire Tue 22-Sep-09 14:46:47

Ok this might be long.

I work 12 hours a weeka nd get £6.57 per hour. I get paid on 20th month, which covers the period from 1st to 30/31st month.
On 23rd July I went on hols until 10th August. I didn't go back to work on 10th August as was signed off. I went back on 7th September.

In August I was paid the normal monthly amount,so was expecting something less this month, as I thought they would deduct what they had paid me from this months salary, and give me sick pay. Got my pay slip yesterday and they have paid me £28.56.

Now A) They have assumed I am going to be off for the whole month so haven't paid me for last week or this week.
B) No mention at all of sick pay (was off in January and it clearly say Satutory sick pay paid on that months payslip)
C) It also says on it "Incapacity Benefit deducted". I don't get incapacity benefit, so how can they have deducted it?

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