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Can anyone help me think of the best way of asking to work from home?

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iwouldgoouttonight Mon 21-Sep-09 13:22:59

When I cam back from my first maternity leave it was agreed that I could work from home on mondays. This was worked really well and now I'm back at work again after my second maternity leave. We're short staffed at the minute and I am covering some of the work of one of my colleagues who has recently left. My line manager has asked if I can come into the office on mondays so I can do some of that work (it involves being in the office so I can't do that from home).

My contract wasn't changed to say that I have one home-working day, as we agreed that I would be flexible and if I had to come in occasionally on a monday I would.

But now I'm going to have to come in every monday indefinitely (there is a recruitment freeze so its unlikely we'll fill the empty post within the next six months or so).

I have agreed to it, as I did say I would be flexible, but now I've realised how much I needed my work at home day. On a monday DP looks after the DCs at home, so it meant that in my lunch break I could see them and help DP out, I didn't have to travel to work so didn't have the huge rush of getting myself and DCs ready in the morning (DP is now having to do an hour's work in the morning (he works for himself) because he won't get a chance to do any at lunchtime now). I work four days a week so being in the office for all those days means I'm away from the DCs more than I'm with them. Even though I wasn't actually their main carer on mondays it did mean I could see them when I wanted to. If work wasn't especially busy I could take a break and play with them for a bit and maybe catch up in the evening or whatever. Now I won't get home till nearly six so I'll see the DCs for less than an hour before they're in bed.

DD is only 8 months and I came back to work when she was nearly six months so I was already feeling sad about leaving her so young and now I'm more upset about it as I can't see her on mondays either.

Do you think I have any grounds for asking if I can go back to working at home on mondays? I wonder if I need to think of a way of asking that fits in with work and doesn't just sound as though I want to be with my family and not work!

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