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Anyone work for the NHS and can help with sick pay?

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mankymooandsqualfie Sun 20-Sep-09 21:38:57

I work in an admin role within the NHS (been there 9 months) and am currently signed off work, I just wondered if anyone knows how many paid sick days I am entitled to as I have never had reason to check before and am now concerned about money.


Mummy369 Sun 20-Sep-09 21:56:30

Unfortunately you won't be entitled to much. I think it's 2 years before you get full entitlement.

Call your payroll or HR department (your manager should have the number if you don't already have it) and ask them to work out what you will be able to get. This will translate as your Statutory Sick Pay. They should be able to tell you how many paid sick days you can have - usually x-amount at full pay, then x-amount at half pay.

mankymooandsqualfie Sun 20-Sep-09 22:11:05

Thanks for that I will give them a ring tomorrow.

queenofdenial2009 Sun 20-Sep-09 22:19:33

I'm NHS and I thought it was reasonably OK. Definitely speak to HR and if you're not comfortable going through your manager, switchboard can put you through. Also, you don't have to be a union member to get their help.

Mummy369 Sun 20-Sep-09 22:33:59

NHS are reasonably ok, but it does depend on the length of time within the NHS. Also, your job is protected even if your entitlement to SSP is low.

fledtoscotland Sun 20-Sep-09 23:23:41

I would double check with your individual trust but its generally one month full pay one month half pay for each years service up to a maximum of 6months full 6 months half. this was a change brought in with Agenda for Change.


flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Sep-09 09:18:00

You do need to check with your own Trust, but Agenda for Change terms and conditions do outline sick pay, section 14.

mankymooandsqualfie Mon 21-Sep-09 17:57:40

Thank you all for your help, I have just read the Agenda for Change and it has put my mind at rest.

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