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I have a date for my Tribunal hearing

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jampots Sat 04-Jun-05 13:32:10

12th August!!!! That date is fine but I cant comply with the Order requiring me to exchange trial bundles and witness statements at the specified timescale. Fingers crossed the date doesnt change

Freckle Sat 04-Jun-05 14:05:24

What's the problem with exchanging bundles, jampots? Glad you got a date at last.

jampots Sat 04-Jun-05 14:36:47

they have to be exchanged/agreed 21 days before the hearing which puts us at the last day Im around before my hols. Witness statements have to be exchanged 14 days before the hearing which is when I am away. Would rather not send my statement before I get his. That said, the content of hte bundle will be agreed before the final date surely? And we have to lodge them with the Tribunal before 3 days prior to the hearing

Freckle Sat 04-Jun-05 14:54:15

You could try to agree revised dates for exchange with the other side, i.e. agree to exchange everything before you go away, on the basis that, if they don't agree, you will have to contact the court to seek another date. Chances are they don't want this thing hanging around any more than you do, so will agree to bring forward the exchange of witness statements. If not, you could write to the court saying that you are unable to comply with the time schedule and could you seek a slight postponement. Explain that you have holiday which had been arranged for some time.

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