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Advice on return from mat leave OML/ADL

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carrielou2007 Thu 10-Sep-09 21:25:16

Huge trouble returning from mat leave with dd so trying to think out all options this time (still expecting and at work just thinking ahead!!) if anyone can help me please.

I work 3 long days a week, contract states hours and days I work. If I return from mat leave after just OML which I don't want to do I come back to the same job. Already my boss is talking about who will 'replace' rather than cover my maternity. If I take the extra weeks that have SMP now of ADL I understand I may not get the same job.

My worry is before they tried to offer me a job sames hours, pay etc but was 60 miles commute either way. Could this be something they could offer me if I take AML and be acceptable within mat rights/terms?? Already whilst expecting I have been moved to a diff surgery 35 miles away (current commute is 20 miles) so I don't have to carry lots of heavy medical equip. This is only whilst I'm pregnant and would I be right that it would not be this job they could offer me on my return (as I don't want to be further away!!)

Thank you and sorry it's so long!!

flowerybeanbag Fri 11-Sep-09 11:39:07

You are right they don't have to offer you the same job if you return having taken some AML. They must however put in you something 'suitable'. I wouldn't define trebling your commute as 'suitable', so no, as far as I can tell they couldn't put you in a job 60 miles away.

Obviously it would be a bit easier for them to define the job 35 miles away as 'suitable', especially as you are doing it now, but doing it on a temporary basis doesn't necessarily make it 'suitable' as a permanent alternative job.

carrielou2007 Fri 11-Sep-09 18:09:45

Thank you, there is no other job nearer so it would be my same job or this other one. The annoying thing is the same week I reduced my hours so had to change from surgery 3 miles away to 20 I found out I was expecting again. So already now have hour sat in traffic and inc fuel bill rather than 10 mins to work!

I will take the extra few weeks of AML I think as there literally is nowhere closer so fingers crossed I won't have too much to worry about. Thank you!!

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